A few things to know about me

As so many people
I’m chronically ill

I will never heal
I will never be not sick anymore
I will live & age with it.

Medical conditions are private and confidential.
You are not entitled to question me
for your own knowledge.

Still, here is what I want you to know about it & me.

I have dysfunctions, pain, limitations,
cognitive and physical exhaustion

Crisis are barely predictible
Limitations are continuous
I just have to adapt
each day
each hour

Don’t ask about a diagnosis
Don’t ask if/when I would
« finally get better »

In order to make it through everyday
life, work, friends, activism,

I do need adaptations.

The world we live in is not made for people like me
I need your cooperation.

Depending on…
Circumstances, places, people, environment
and how I feel,
I make different choices.

People wonder why
but I don’t owe justification
My body, my choices