‘je me sens pas bien’

004_je me sens pas bien

« I don’t feel good » – what does it mean?
– pain : feeling of destruction and danger ; limitation of my capacities
– invalidation : ‘it’s not normal!’
– suffering: ‘i’m scared, depressive, unable, paralysed, not understood’

005_aller mieux

– What do you do in order to feel better ?
– I learn, I work, I fight, I … with the help of others.
Against pain : I take care of my sensibility, I keep strong, I train softness and sharing and relaxation, of course medicine too.
Against suffering: I let my heart grow, with self-love, self-proudness, I try to accept fears and sadness, I listen to other’s distresses, trying to unite and solidarise. Against validism: I put it in front of a mirror, hunt it, name it, show how it oppresses and invalidates us.